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Services & Case Studies


If you can't see exactly what you're looking for but it's similar to something below, then
please get in touch as I can probably help
Administration & PA

Email and inbox management: tidying inbox, creating folders and rules, unsubscribing to newsletters, flagging new leads, etc

*If your inbox needs a detox, please get in touch for a project quote!

Diary: inputting meetings, setting up meetings, blocking time, setting alerts etc

Documents: creation, formatting, editing, and proof reading (Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint; Google Docs, Sheets, Slides)

Travel and accommodation: research and booking

Cloud storage: set up and management (SharePoint, Google Drive)

Electronic files: set up and organisation

Basic bookkeeping: bank reconciliation, collating electronic receipts and invoices, invoicing suppliers, updating and maintaining finance spreadsheets or electronic systems (Freeagent, QuickBooks, Bokio)

Business & Tech Support 

Social media: set up and management; responding to enquiries, scheduling posts, etc. (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest)

Website: updates and edits, adding blog posts, adding/deleting pages, checking links, etc (WordPress, Wix)

YouTube: channel creation and video posting

Google: Google My Business, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Alerts.

Ecommerce: inputting and editing products, drafting and scheduling, creating discount codes and gift cards, monitoring stock levels, editing system email templates, etc (Shopify, WooCommerce)

Comp shops: objective online research comparison

Research: industry and networking events, business contacts, trends, etc

*I subscribe to a number of industry-specific newsletters and social media accounts

Case Studies

Create a Wikipedia page for a tech consultant

A former Team GB athlete now tech-consultant and government advisor, requested a Wikipedia page. I was providing business/PA support for them at the time and was aware I hadn’t previous back-end knowledge of this platform. Loving a challenge and intrigued by how this gargantuan platform operates, I investigated the intricacies of creating and publishing an article on Wikipedia. After a couple of rejections, my article ‘stuck’ and currently appears in the top 5 results on Google.

Blog posts for a book editor

A book editor outsourced their monthly blog posting to me to free up some time in their busy work schedule. I would receive a Word document with images (although sometimes I would source them on their behalf), format the text, upload the images and then schedule the posts to go out weekly over the following month. On one occasion, a blog offered a free eBook: I created a link to a landing page in MailChimp where the visitor entered their email address to receive the download. Additional blog tasks included analysing site data to help monitor site activity and plan for future blog posts.

Create a Facebook Page and Instagram account for a small boutique

The owner of a new artisanal boutique based in Morocco needed an online presence to connect with the local French community, local French and Moroccan businesses, and to target potential customers visiting from France. After gathering information and taking promotional photos, I created a Facebook Page and then set up and linked it to a professional  Instagram account. 

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